How to Create a Popular Women’s Bible Study Group

Planning a Bible study for women? This is an extremely popular concept in the Christian world, as it gives women a place to meet with friends, discuss their faith and learn more about the Bible. A Women’s Bible study fellowship can be set up quite easily, and in order to make it as effective or popular as possible, there are some key things to do and remember.

When creating a Bible study, you’ll need to decide on a Bible study group leader, who will be everything from a cheerleader to a teacher. This role is important to ensure that everybody knows what’s happening at every session, and what direction the study is moving in.

Some Key Tips

Once you have decided on your group leader, and located a comfortable place to hold your meetings, there are some key tips you can consider that will make your Bible studies for women class a success.

1. Greet Your Guests

Always be friendly and greet your guests as they arrive. You’ll be praying, learning, and laughing with these ladies throughout the duration of your study, and they will eventually become close friends. It’s important that everybody seems

When your guests arrive, show them to the area where you’ll be holding the study, and direct them towards the snacks and drinks. It’s important to have lots of refreshments for people, so they feel totally at home, and there are no awkward moments where people need to ask if they can grab a drink.

2. Use Name Tags

If the people in your women’s Bible study have never met before, or if they are not completely familiar with one another, use name tags! You will only need to use these name tags during the first couple of sessions, as people will start to remember one another’s names.

In order to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak to other members of the group, hold informal meetings outside of your group, too. Or, perhaps consider having a half hour break during your study to give people a chance to chat and socialize.

3. Consider the Bible Verses

Women's bible studyYou can of course choose particular Bible verses and stories that you want to cover in each study group, but you should also consider asking others what they would like to discuss. Choose themes for each class, and then pick particular Bible verses that associate with those themes.

Whenever somebody contributes an idea, make sure that you acknowledge their idea. Everyone should feel important in a Bible study, and understand that there are no wrong answers. The purpose is to learn about the Bible, God, and life – and that journey is different for everybody.

4. Summarize

To ensure that everybody understands the message of the Bible verses you study in class, it’s important to summarize. You can do this at the end of each verse you read, or you can wrap up at the end of the study time and talk about the lessons learned during the day. This is a great way to ensure that no messages are lost on your group, and it keeps key concepts fresh in the minds of your friends for the rest of the day.

Consider Online Women’s Bible Study

There are many online women’s bible classes that can be accessed these days. These can be shared with your friends and allow you to study from the comfort of your own home, and they can even be used for personal Bible study. There are many websites that provide this service.