A masterfully written instance of the word of God, this classic version of the Bible has been able to spread the wisdom of the Old Testament and the message of love of the New Testament for over three centuries. Indeed, when it comes to the English-speaking world, very few books have had such a profound effect as the King James Bible. Whether you are looking for a single verse to give you strength in a difficult moment, or its full text to study and understand better, you are in the right place. Read on to explore the King James Bible history and impact, and to find out how to easily access its teachings online.

General Info about the King James Bible

The Holy Bible King James version, came to life in the early 17th century. That is when the Church of England set off to make a translation of the Scriptures. The Puritan faction convinced King James I to commission an official version of the Bible in English. This would allow everyone in England to become Bible readers, effectively expanding the reach of the Lord’s word beyond the Latin-speaking elite. Furthermore, it was a massive joint effort between different factions of the Church, earning widespread support since its conception.

The King James Bible aimed to substitute the English translations in use at the time. They were heavily criticized for their lack of scholarly effort and their convoluted, imprecise wording. Involving 47 scholars studying, translating and proofreading the Holy books from Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek manuscript, the project took from 1604 to 1611 – a relatively short amount of time. The magnificent writing that has permeated the English language is largely the influence of William Tyndale. Tyndale was a master wordsmith who had independently translated a large portion of the Bible a few decades earlier.

The King James Bible has withstood the test of time and remains the standard Bible for many ecclesiastical organizations. While you can buy a copy, this Bible is a Public Domain publication. This means that it is legal to access, copy and download at no cost. More recently, it has been rendered into modern English spelling and thoroughly revised, in keeping up with changing times. The outcome is the New King James Bible and is just as readily available as the original version.

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Where to Find the King James Bible

Reading the King James Bible online

You can read the complete text of the King James Bible for free on many websites. For a clean layout and the option to compare with many other versions, you can visit Bible.com. Other easy-to-navigate websites with links to individual sections are BibleStudyTools.com and BibleGateway.com.

King James Bible apps for Android and iOS

An option for those comfortable with technology is to download a King James online Bible app for your phone or tablet. With these apps, you can also navigate easily the Scriptures and even get daily verse suggestions. You can download the King James Bible (KJV) Free app if you’re an Android user. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, try The Holy Bible – King James Version.

Download King James Bible eBooks

If you own a Kindle or a similar reading device, getting a copy of the King James Bible is incredibly easy. With these devices, you can highlight and bookmark your favorite verses, save your thoughts as comments, and much more. Get your copy for free, with or without images, at ProjectGutenberg.org.

Historical Facts about The King James Bible

The King James Bible popularized many common idioms

Indeed, many everyday expressions were first popularized by, or first appeared in this Bible. Consequently, they shaped the way English is used – even today. Along with its exquisite prose, hundreds of expressions such as “baptism of fire”, “holier than thou”, “nothing new under the sun”, “Passover” and “sour grapes” make the King James Bible influence on the English language second only to Shakespeare’s.

The Bestseller of Bestsellers is about the King of Kings

While it is no surprise that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time, the King James Bible is, in turn, the most popular version ever published. Moreover, it is also probably the most quotable.

Every US President has been sworn in on a King James Bible

From Abraham Lincoln to Donald J. Trump, every American president has placed their hand on the only Bible version ever authorized by a king. Most do so on Washington’s personal copy; Barack Obama and Donald Trump used a copy that belonged to Lincoln, the latter placing also his left hand on his own mother’s copy.

The original edition of the King James Bible had 14 more books

The modern Bible structure, or biblical canon, is based on this King James Bible. Interestingly, early editions contained 14 additional books, collectively termed the Apocrypha, that were later excluded. These books are still important to the clergy. However, they are not deemed as central to faith as those currently in the New and Old Testaments. Needless to say, early printers were happy with the reduction in costs.

King James Bible’s language was already archaic when first published

Beautiful in style and form, most Bible readers think the wordings of King James Bible verses resemble the way English was used in 1611. Surprisingly, by then English had already evolved into a language more similar to ours. Using “Bible English” was a deliberate move; its cadence and poetic feel added impact and timeless grace to the Holy Script, just as it does now.

A Word of Ending

The King James Bible has led the way for the dissemination of the Script worldwide. Thanks to its popularity and longevity you can access a copy the Word of God from anywhere, anytime. Finally, you can spread the word with the help of technology to those around you, from family to co-workers, and make this world a better place one interaction at a time.