The Bible is Full of Incredible Stories and Lessons

The Bible, with its many dozens of writers, and thousands of years of history, is full of some of the most interesting, fascinating, and profound stories ever told. The book has tale after tale that helps people learn how to live the most honest lives, and the best Christians and servants to God.

These stories do vary quite wildly. Some have been used for generations to help children learn about the Christian tradition, while others are more suitable for an older audience.

If you’re looking to find a Bible story to introduce to your children, or you are new to the stories within the Bible, there are some historic stories you should be aware of. Below, you’ll find some of the most fascinating tales, split into child-friendly and adult categories.

The Best Bible Stories for Kids

Two stories of the Bible that are popular with children are the story of the birth of Moses, and the story of Joseph’s Technicolor coat. These stories have been used in many a movie, cartoon and church story time. They provide important Christian lessons, while informing children about the historical context of the Bible.

In Exodus 2:1-10, the birth of Moses is explained. A man of the Levi tribe married a Levite women. When she gave birth to their son, she hid him for three months, before deciding she could hide him no longer. She found a papyrus basked, coated it with tar and place the child within it. The papyrus basket and baby were left in the reeds of the River Nile.

The daughter of the Pharoah found the child, and saw that the child was one of the Hebrew babies. The girl found the baby’s mother and paid her to raise the child. When the child grew older, he was taken to the Pharoah’s daughter, who the named him Moses, and said “I drew him out of the water”.

In Genesis, there is also the story of Joseph. The boy was 17 years old and was tending the flocks with his brothers. Joseph was loved by his father, Israel, more than his brothers. He was gifted a multi-colored, ornate robe, which made his brothers jealous.

The long story sees Joseph sold by his brothers, where he goes on a long journey, meeting the Pharaoh and learning many lessons along the way.

Inspirational Bible Stories for Adults

The inspirational stories in the Bible that are more suited for adults are abundant. They are not only suited for adults because of sexual or violent themes, but instead because of their more complex nature.

Legendary Bible StoriesFor instance, the story of Josiah, who was one of the greatest kings of Israel, starts when Josiah was crowned King at just eight years old. During his reign, a high priest found the Book of Law, which had been hidden and neglected for a long time. Josiah, upon finding out, tore off his clothes and pleaded with God to not punish Israel for disobeying him. Josiah read the Book of Law on the public stage and made peace with his God and people.

The Thief on the Cross is another profound tale, which is told in Luke 23:32-43, and it tells of the time when Jesus was crucified. He spoke to the other men who were crucified near him. There was a bond between Christ and the two criminals that were crucified next to him, and one of the criminals defended Jesus and acknowledged the justice of God almighty, and Jesus Christ’s innocence.

When Jesus was mocked by one criminal, this criminal explained:

“Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong.”