If you follow Bible studies and history, then you might have come across the Bible NIV.

NIV stands for the New International Version, which is an English translation of the original Protestant Bible. It was created by Biblica and was originally published in 1970. It was recently updated, however, in 2011 and it is the most popular version of the modern Bible translations.

In fact, one study found that 19 percent of Americans are reading the Bible choose the NIV version.

7 Reasons to Read the NIV Bible

1. A Glorified Translation

The Bible Gateway NIV has been 60 years in the making. There have been more than 600 million copies released, and the NIV version is the most widely read in contemporary English.


Because this version of the bible offers accuracy and reliability. Most translations are poorly done, or they reflect inaccuracies and poor translations that make for a difficult read. With the NIV version, readers get a real sense of God’s words, and those words feel more real to the reader in general.

2. Delivering Precision and Clarity

When old works are translated, often accuracy is sacrificed to create something that is readable. What makes the NIV Bible so unique is that they deliver clarity, but also precision. They captured the original meaning of the words in the Bible, but used natural, everyday English so that these words were easier to absorb and reflect upon.

3. Suitable for Public Reading

Due to the easy transitions in this version, the Bible can be used for public readings, sermons, and study groups. While Bible study can also be done alone, the NIV version is used by pastors, teachers, and scholars.

4. NIV Bible is Online

Online NIV BibleThe International Bible Society offers their Bible online in NIV format. You can access it directly through their website and start reading from the beginning. They also have a format so that you can listen to it being read aloud. Furthermore, you can use the comparison tool while reading the scriptures so that you can compare to other formats.

If you wish to find a particular passage or you want to find a quote that reflects a keyword, Biblica allows you to search for them too. For example, you can type in the keyword “health,” and find multiple passages that reflect that word, including Psalm’s 73:4 that states “They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong.”

There are reading plans online too so that you can space out your study of the NIV version in a one-year span. They have passages from the Old and New Testaments, as well as Proverbs and Psalms for you to read daily.

5. A Collaboration of Multiple Minds

A single person does not write this Bible. Instead, it takes the works of the New and Old Testament as well as experts in Bible studies to generate a newly translated, easier-to-read format. It includes the memoirs that were written by one of Jesus’ closest disciples and eyewitness accounts of Messiah’s life.

6. Multiple Languages

There are more than 6909 languages in the world today. However, this book has been translated into 2932 languages, while the New Testament version is available in 1,333 languages.

7. The NIV Bible is Read Around the World

The gateway created by Biblica allows countries around the world to access the NIV format, including East Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia. The company offers access points through their website for members in these countries to receive a Bible in the NIV format that is translated to their language. Also, for those who cannot access the content due to illiteracy, the program offers the NIV Bible translated in digital format.