The Bible contains so much wisdom and guidance for our daily lives that almost everyone in the free world has a copy. But believe it or not, it has not reached every corner of the world just yet. This is where the internet comes in. If you don’t own a Bible, you can still read the Bible online. Even those who don’t have a physical copy of the book can study an online Bible if they have internet access.

These online Bible resources also help those of us who have our own copies but want to study it more in depth. Here are some sites that can help both new readers and experienced scholars learn more about God’s word.

Best Online Bible Resources for Readers Young and Old

1.      Bible Study Tools

There is a reason that Bible Study Tools is very popular. It’s a very thorough resource. The landing page features a new verse from the Bible every day, with a designated online Bible reading. They also have sections that concentrate on reading plans, comparison of different translations, verses by topic, inspirations and even apocryphal books. Additionally, they have teachers’ resources for pastors, help create sermons and examples of these amazing lessons in a section called “sermon illustrations.” These are very inspiring stories, including one illustration of a man who walked 150 miles from Bakersfield to Los Angeles to prove his love.

2.      Free-Online-Bible-Study-Online

This free online Bible study site is designed to help knowledge seekers find clues to “the Big Picture in life.” The lessons at Free-Online-Bible-Study-Online cover all the major books of the Bible including the Gospel of John, Proverbs and Ruth. It also includes topical studies such as Bible verses memorization, the Golden Rule and Hannah’s Prayer. One of the best sections on the site is “Secret Weapon,” which teaches learners how to use the Holy Spirit as guidance while reading the Word of God. It really is a beautiful insight into the wisdom of Biblical knowledge.

3.      Bible Gateway

Holy Bible next to headphones

This audio Bible online resource contains many completely free versions of the Bible. Their “NIV by Dramatized” version is particularly nice as it contains beautiful background music and more lifelike readings of the dialog. Bible Gateway also has several different versions of the Bible in different languages such as Farsi, Kiswahili and Mandarin.

4.      Audible

If you are a fan of Amazon’s Audible platform, there are several versions of the NIV Bible online for less than $5 at regular price and absolutely free for members. At $15 a month, members can choose 2 free books and get substantial discounts (50 to 75%) if they want to purchase more books. There are a lot of free online Bible audiobooks available, but this option is work making the list for the pure convenience of the platform.

5.      Daily Audio Bible

Daily Audio Bible is a mobile app that helps you to integrate daily Bible readings into your regular routine. The website associated with the app includes community education, a prayer wall and initiatives including “The Coffee Wall” and “Promised Land.” One of the most interesting concepts in their core values is “Follow the Wild Goose.” Basically, this is a way of thinking about the Holy Spirit as a teacher. In short, “We submit our decisions to God and listen for His affirmation or counter-intuitive direction.”

6.      Monergism

On the opening page of Monergism, you can search Biblical passages in several different formats, including audio, video, Ebook, ePub, Kindle, PDF and web pages. In other words, if it’s out there, they can find it. It’s a bit like a Google advanced search for Biblical references, and comes in very handy when doing research. The site also includes a blog, bookstore and homeschooling resources for those who choose to include Biblical studies with their homeschooling plans.


You can search study resources by book, author, title and verse at this online Bible study site. Their resources page is very intensive, including sections for men’s ministry, women’s ministry and children’s ministry. Their theology program is particularly extensive and includes curriculum that can be watched and studied online for free, or purchased as a DVD set. is a fantastic resource for teachers.

8.      StudyLight

Have you ever had a Bible verse rummaging about in your head and were unable to remember where to find it? StudyLight is the best tool for that situation. Simply plug in what you can remember of the verse, for instance, “our Father who art in Heaven,” and it will yield results in:

  • American Standard Version.
  • Darby’s Translation.
  • John Etheridge Translation of the Peshitta.
  • James Murdock Translation of the Peshitta.
  • Mace New Testament.
  • The Emphasised Bible.
  • Douay-Rheims Bible.
  • Revised Standard Version.
  • The Webster Bible.
  • Wesley’s New Testament.
  • Weymouth New Testament.
  • Young’s Literal Translation.

In addition, you can search Greek, Latin, Strong’s version, Aramaic, Hebrew and many, many more. This is a very thorough, multi-language and multi-version resource to read Bible online.

9.      Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is another online Bible resource that helps us to find those passages that are on the tip of our tongue. You can search through over 20 versions total. There are also study tools that include Bible commentaries, theological resources, encyclopedias, dictionaries and multimedia resources. Most of the resources are completely free, although they do sell offline resources and books as well.

10.  Bible Hub

One of the great things that sets this Bible online resource site apart is that in addition to the usual tools, Bible Hub has a “Key Verses” section on their landing page with some of the most inspiring quotes from the bible. For instance. “Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world.” If you click the links attached to these quotes, it will take you to a page that features the quote in many different versions of the Bible, along with cross references to help you expand your studies.

Final Thoughts

Can you imagine what life would be like without free access to God’s word and teachings? Thankfully, modern technology is helping to spread the Word further than it has ever traveled before. As each of us gains more understanding about the intricate passages in the Bible, we gain new insight into our daily lives. What is your favorite passage from the Bible? We’d love to hear it and how it has helped to shape and direct your spiritual life in the comments below!