For a Christian, is there anything more satisfying than sharing God's Word with others? Whether you are a lifelong believer or you recently accepted Christ as your Savior, all Christians are called to the spread the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. A great way to live that calling is to teach children about the Lord.

Teaching children about the Bible might sound daunting, but it's something anyone can do and is actually a great way for you to learn too. In this article, we'll show you how to prepare, what to expect and we'll even provide you with a list of some Sunday school lessons for kids. So fear not and jump right into sharing the Bible with the next generation of believers. You might learn a few things in the process.

How to Prepare

Doing anything well takes preparation. You fill the gas tank before mowing the grass and you prepare your power point slides before you give a key presentation at work. It's no different with teaching kids about Jesus. There are some things you'll need to do to get ready.

1. It All Starts with Prayer

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Spending time with God in prayer should be the starting point for many things in your life, especially when it comes to understanding and discussing His Word. When you sit down to prepare one of your Sunday school lessons for kids, ask the Lord for guidance. He'll let you know which way to go with your lesson.

2. Prepare Your Lesson Plan


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Chances are, you'll be provided with lesson materials by your church. Many teachers simply read that material to their class and that is the lesson. Digging a bit deeper can yield a better experience for students and teacher. Look up relevant Bible verses that might add depth to the lesson. Prepare some questions based on the lesson materials and Bible verses and discuss them during your class. The kids will learn more and so will you.

3. Prepare Yourself

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That hour every Sunday morning is very important. You will not only be teaching a prepared lesson but you'll be showing kids how a Christian acts, leading prayer, and exemplifying Godly behavior. Be sure you:

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before your class
  • Eat breakfast
  • Leave any stress or distractions at home
  • Be punctual, arrive before your class does


4. Prepare for the Kids

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Up to this point, we've focused mainly on you and all the ways to ready yourself for teaching Sunday school lessons for kids. Now you need to spend a little time preparing for some of the personalities you will encounter when the kids show up. Think about how to handle a shy child or one who can't sit still. You might have to deal with a know-it-all or a "class clown." You will need to:

  • Be patient
  • Be engaging, get to know them
  • Be upbeat and fun
  • Be ready to discipline if necessary (discuss this with Church leadership beforehand)


Tips for Teaching Sunday School Lessons for Kids

OK, you've done all the prep work. Now it's time for the fun to begin; the kids will be showing up soon. Let's go over some things that might make teaching Sunday school lessons for kids easier and more enjoyable for all.

1. Connect with Your Class

Get to know your kids. Learn their names and a few things about them. Show them that you care about them.

  • Where do they go to school
  • What's their favorite food
  • What do they like to do for fun
  • Ask them about their family



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2. Engage Your Class

A lot of kids will come to class expecting Sunday school to be boring. Surprise them with food and fun activities. It doesn't have to be much, the lesson is the focus, of course, but you want to capture their imaginations and make Sunday school something they look forward to every week.

  • Bring a light snack
  • Plan short games to play
  • Let them get creative with an easy craft project
  • Let them draw a picture or tell a funny story that relates to the lesson


3. Teach Your Class

While you want to relate to your class and you want it to be fun for them, teaching Sunday school lessons for kids is the focus. Everything you do before and during the class should be for the purpose of introducing the kids to Jesus and instructing them in His ways.

  • Begin the lesson with prayer
  • Relate the lessons in ways kids understand
  • Use examples from their lives to help make your point
  • Don't be afraid to use humor
  • Ask questions during and after lessons
  • Correct them when they're wrong
  • Summarize the lesson
  • Close by taking prayer requests and praying
  • Don't forget to say goodbye and invite them back next week


10 Sunday School Lessons for Kids That Teach Important Lessons

Now that you know how to prepare for and teach a class, let's look at some specific Sunday school lessons for kids. Even though these may seem like the "same old thing," there are valuable lessons about the ways of God within each. Remember, you are teaching the next generation of believers. For some, this will be their first exposure to God's Word.

1. The Story of Creation (Genesis 1-2)

the earth

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What better way to begin than "In the beginning..." (Gen 1:1)? God creates the universe and everything in it, including man and woman. As you are going through the story of creation, a good side lesson might be about faith. Teach children that faith is required to know God using James 4:8 as a reference verse.

2. Noah's Ark (Genesis 6-9)

noahs ark

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A great introduction to the consequences of sin, easily taught on a child's level. This classic Bible story also reveals God's grace and deep love for a faithful man. Truly, one man can make a difference, and that's a powerful, timeless lesson. The imagery of the massive ark and all the animals make this a great story for kids.

3. The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)

tower of babel

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A history lesson with lots of ways to tie in imagery and wonderment to keep kids engaged. It's a story you can use to teach why the world and humanity is so diverse and that only God is Sovereign.
There's a lot to learn here, so be sure to cover the surrounding events of this story completely.

4. The Story of Job (The Book of Job)

story of job

This is a powerful introduction into the evil ways of Satan and how a mere man can overcome his evil through faith in God. Lessons of perseverance, man's faith in God, and God's faithfulness to those who are faithful to Him are all covered in this Bible story. It's not always a happy tale, but it has a triumphant ending that we all can take encouragement from.

5. Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22)

abraham and isaac

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A great connection can be made from this Old Testament story and the coming of Jesus Christ told in the New Testament. It's about Abraham's total faith in the Lord and his willingness to be obedient to the point of sacrificing his only son, Isaac. Of course, God spares Isaac and provides another sacrifice, foreshadowing things to come.

6. The Story of Baby Moses (Exodus 2)

baby moses

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A great story for a kid's class because of the wonderful imagery. Though it was a dark time in history, it reveals how God has a plan not just for a baby named Moses but for all mankind. Moses goes on to be one of the most important figures in the Bible, and it all starts with God sparing him as a babe.

7. The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)

the ten commandments

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The 10 Commandments, given to Moses by God, establishes a set of rules for the Israelites (mankind) to follow in order to show their obedience and respect for Him. Though it doesn't take long for them to break God's Commandments, they establish a way for ancient mankind to show their faithfulness before that system is later replaced by God's grace through the coming of Jesus Christ.


8. David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

david and goliath

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This is another great kids story with the giant, all the armored soldiers and a slingshot. It's a tale of how God can use anyone and often chooses the weak to accomplish His will. It teaches us that no matter the odds, if we walk in the Will of God, He will provide for us.

9. The Birth of Jesus (Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2)

the nativity

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This is what it's all about for Christians. The culmination of all the Old Testament prophecies. God's grace
provides mankind with a Savior to wash away the sins of the faithful. It's the greatest story ever told and is easily relatable to kids, with the manger, wise men, and animals all as backdrops.

10. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10)

the good samaritan

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One of Jesus' most powerful parables, and one that will resonate with kids. It's an appropriate lesson for current times, teaching us to love in spite of our differences.



We hope that we've armed you with all you'll need to teach Sunday school lessons for kids. If you're new to working with kids, take this information and use it to start a wonderfully exciting chapter in your life as you guide your class through God's Word. If you've been around the block a time or two, we still hope you found something here to freshen your approach and make your class a more rewarding experience for you and the kids. Happy teaching and may God bless you.