Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a lifestyle for many and gives people meaning to questions in life that would otherwise go unanswered.

The teachings of Christianity focus on the words and history of Jesus Christ, and it was one of the first religions to establish. Today, numerous denominations are practicing Christianity, including the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Protestants, Restorationists, Messianic Judaism, and Esoteric Christians.

While going to church and reading the scriptures is important, there are publications online that live and breathe the Christian values. They help spread the word about the Christian faith and a unique perspective on daily life.

Christianity Today – A Magazine Devoted to Evangelical Christian Lifestyle

Christianity Today is a magazine that has been operating since October 1956. The purpose of the publication was to highlight generations and the misrepresented facts of the Christian religion. Today, they share buzzworthy news (mostly free) on their website.

They also focus in on the main news segments like world, business, and opinion posts. The magazine also highlights Christian-based holidays, offers podcasts, has featured pastors and even articles on church life and current affairs mixed with politics.

Christianity magazineMore importantly, the magazine highlights religious news that is not readily available through conventional news outlets. After all, modern media steers away from anything religious-based, because they do not want to turn away potential readers.

Christianity Today has interesting topics, including mainstream issues like same-sex marriage and Barack Obama.

When looking at the Christian quotes of the magazine, you might find headlines like “3 Priorities for Evangelicals in the Trump Years,” “God’s Will in the Public Square,” The Most Astonishing Easter Miracle,” and “How a Hotshot New Yorker Found Jesus in Paraguay.”

The Christian Post – A Non-Denominational Newspaper

The Christian Post operates out of Washington, DC, but they are non-denominational regarding religious preference. In fact, their editorial staff and CEOs come from various denominations of the Christian-based faith.

The paper launched back in 2004 with the objective to offer news, up-to-date information and commentaries related to Christian denominational lines. They also wanted to bring more public awareness regarding the Christian faith and activities for locals to enjoy.

The paper never highlighted a political candidate until February 2016, when they began editorial content on Donald Trump, specifically referring to him as a “philanderer” and “chameleon-like.”

The Christian dogma of the newspaper is quite substantial, and their codes and beliefs cannot change.

Bible Resources for Better Study and Guidance

If you are seeking Christian quotes or just need to brush up on scripture, there are numerous online resources for Bible study and reference.

These websites include:

  • The Daily Devotional: Here you can receive daily wisdom and passages in your scriptures to study.
  • Bible Gateway: The Bible Gateway offers a plethora of Bible versions that you can read online, reading plans, a daily scripture app, and audio-formatted bibles so that you can listen to them on-the-go. They also have Bibles in numerous languages.
  • This website focuses on all resources required to study the Bible properly. You can study by verse, topic, author, or book. They also have published lessons and a women’s and men’s ministry site to help create talks.
  • The American Bible Society: The American Bible Society offers interactive resources for group study, scripture reading, and those who want a better understanding of the Bible. They also provide daily quotes and inspiration.