It seems like a lot of the Bible study resources that we have available to us are gender neutral or geared toward men. But women have their own specific and individual needs when it comes to studying the word of God. From the joys of motherhood to balancing demanding jobs with home life in today’s modern society, we sometimes struggle a bit to find more in-depth guidance from our daily Bible studies. Below are nine womens Bible study resources from books to apps that focus on the needs of women who seek to lead a more Christian life in the face of our busy daily demands.

Best Women’s Bible Study Resources

1. Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman

This womens Bible study is not a free resource. Nonetheless, you can download a free sample. Consequently, you can preview it before you decide whether it’s worth purchasing for your women’s Bible study fellowship or church group. According to the author, the 6-session study is designed to help mothers who want to search the scripture to find “evidence of God’s mission for motherhood.”

Missional Motherhood is also designed for women who may not be mothers, but want to express their nurturing through caregiving, teaching and serving others. It’s also available as an audiobook on

Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman book

2. Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories

This is a personal study course by Beth Moore. It draws the comparison between the captivity of the Israelites in the Old Testament and Jesus’s wisdom in the New Testament. Through the eyes of Old Testament kings, obstacles to freedom are exemplified in a way that parallels many of our situations as women today.

Beth explains in Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories how anything that “hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage”. This Bible study for women contains 10 weeks of 5 day per week interactive study, 10 scripture memory cards and a viewer guide. It’s very affordable, at only about $16 on Amazon.

3. Quest for Understanding by Enid DeBarthe

This little-known book by Enid DeBarthe is a quiet gem for those reflective moments. It reads more like a journal than a book. This is because it is a collection of the post-humus notes by this Biblical scholar who delved deeply into the different translations of the Bible to find their meaning. Included in her notes is a “unique chart comparing the English alphabet to Hebrew to Egyptian to Semitic to Old Hebrew to Biblical Hebrew to Phoenician to Greek symbols.”

Quest for Understanding is perfect for the scholar who is interested in the fundamentals of how Biblical knowledge changes subtly with each different translation and interpretation through the ages.

4. Making the Most of your Resources: How Do I Manage My Time, Energy, and Money?

As women, we all know how difficult it can be to squeeze in the time to pursue our faith. In this 12-week womens Bible study spiral bound workbook, we are taught how to evaluate our resources and use every single hour of our day in the most productive way. Each chapter includes:

  • A Scripture verse.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Commentaries.
  • Prayer time.
  • A Digging Deeper section.
  • Bonus activities.

Making the Most of Your Resources, Women of Faith Study Guide Series includes a Leader’s Guide. As a result, the lessons make perfect Bible studies for women’s small group workshops or church group sessions.


This great online Bible study for women resource page on It has completely free womens Bible study “By Women, For Women”. The womens Bible study section contains lessons on leadership training, women’s messages, relationships resources, marriage lessons, mothering lessons and even work lessons. The site is much broader and also contains many other lessons from different angles. You could explore it for months, maybe even years, and not run out of fresh material to review.

6. Free Bible Studies by Melanie Newton

All of the womens Bible study resources on this page are available to download completely for free. However, you can also buy them online if you don’t want to be hassled with printing them. The Grace Based Bible Studies for Women are absolutely perfect for people who are just getting started with the Bible. Lessons include “A Fresh Start,” “Painting the Portrait of Jesus,” and so much more. There are Old Testament studies as well for those who are ready to broaden their lessons.

7. Blue Letter Bible

One of the neatest lessons on this site is Women of the Bible; it explores many of the historical female figures of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They are wonderful lessons in overcoming mistakes and finding courage. The site also has other resources that are not strictly devoted to Bible study for women such as daily devotionals and articles.

8. The Bible App by YouVersion

the Bible App on multiple devices

This isn’t strictly a womens Bible study app. Nonetheless, every woman should have it. The Bible App contains an incredible count of 1052 versions of the Bible and comes in 742 languages. There are video lessons, reading plans, but also a great bookmark feature so you can find your place again. It’s available on iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Windows 8, Java, Symbian, Mobile Web and Kindle Fire; you can download it every device you own. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

9. She Reads Truth

This app is more of an online womens Bible study fellowship than anything else. Every day, women can gather online, read the daily devotional and lessons together and comment on it in real time. It works in concert with the website and includes free hymns as well. Unfortunately, it’s only available on iTunes. Hopefully, it will come to Android someday too because it’s such a wonderful way to connect and share fellowship with other Christian women.

Final Thoughts

A lot of these womens Bible study resources are easily available from your smartphone, so it’s a snap now to carry your Bible and lessons with you everywhere you go. Do you ever do a little quick Bible studying while waiting in line at the bank or the grocery store? It’s a wonderful tool for fully utilizing our time in our busy daily lives. We hope you can share your tips for how Christian women can make the most of their womens Bible study time in the comments below!